Quiltography: Frequently Asked Questions.


What resolution should my fabric images be?

It is entirely up to you, but for the best user experience we suggest your images are at least 512 pixels x 512 pixels.

Quiltography will work fine with lower resolution images but, when designing your quilt it may not look quite as good as the recommended resolution.

My App has crashed or experienced some unusual behavior, I am not happy. What should I do?

First off, we are sorry that this has happened, this is not what we would call good a user experience.

Rest assured, we do our best to test each version before a release, but, it is not possible to have 100% bug free code despite our best efforts. Some bugs only occur on a specific combination of hardware and operating system versions. Some only occur when the App is used in unexpected ways. The best thing is to contact us via support@quiltography.co.uk and tell us what hardware you are using, what iOS version you are using, what you were doing when the issue happened and what steps are needed to recreate the issue. The sooner you let us know about a problem, the sooner we can get it fixed.

Why do I have to make a colored fabric rather than changing a color of a patch directly?

The technology behind Quiltography was designed to use “fabrics”, in order to maintain the integrity of the database and allow for searching of fabric and blocks we decided that creating reusable fabric was the best approach. Although it initially adds an extra couple of steps for using, simple, plain fabric; once a color has been created, reusing that fabric makes designing blocks faster and a more enjoyable experience.

When I open my ”my stash” it shows I have 53 items in my stash, but I haven’t loaded any yet. Is this correct ?

Yes this is correct, we pre-populate your stash with tome initial fabric.

The reason is, when we were testing the App, Users wanted something already in the database to help with quickly designing blocks without the need to have access to fabric to import.

If you want to, this fabric can be removed;

– Open ”My Stash”
– Press and Hold any fabric until they ”jiggle”
– You can then press the remove icon to delete the fabric from your database.
– For extra safety, you will be asked for confirmation to remove the fabric from your database AND if the fabric is being used in 1 or more blocks, you will not be allowed to remove the fabric until the corresponding blocks are removed first.

Can I print from the Quiltography?

Printing can be done directly if you have an AirPrint compatible printer. Alternatively you can email yourself the pattern and print from your computer.