Quiltography for iPad

Track your stash, design blocks, create amazing quilts and calculate yardage on the go!

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About Quiltography

Quiltography: a No. 1 Lifestyle App designed exclusively for Apple’s App Store and is the highest rated and best selling quilting app available.

Quiltography is a unique, time and money saving mobile digital quilt design tool for the modern quilter. Reduce the need to buy expensive patterns, limit fabric wastage and make it quick and easy to search and audition fabrics to help design your next quilt.

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NEW FEATURE : Yardage Calculator

Need a helping hand working out an estimate for the fabric requirements for your newly designed quilt? Quiltography now does all the hard work for you.

Just one button press away and you can have a full breakdown of the number blocks required as well as the quilt dimensions and estimated yardage for each fabric within the entire quilt.

Your Stash, Your Way

Photograph your stash and add it to the Quiltography database and take your fabric everywhere you go. Quiltography saves you money as there is no need to buy too much fabric or accidentally purchase duplicate fabrics. Record how much you have, where you got it from, when you purchased it and even how much it cost.

Quiltography automatically scans your fabric and picks up to 5 of the top colours to help categorise your fabrics, this saves you time and frees you up to do what you do best, quilt.

You can even import images of fabric you saved from the internet so you can audition fabrics before you even purchase them.

Templates Galore

Choose from over 180 hand crafted traditional block templates. Quiltography contains more block designs than any other mobile app. Each block is named to help beginners find tutorials online to bridge the gap between Quiltography and the vast quantities of quilting tutorials online.

Each block can be customised with any fabric imported into Quiltography. This helps users understand how the blocks come together and establish if fabrics will work together on the most basic level.

Design Blocks

Feeling adventurous? Create your own block templates from scratch. Pick a shape to add it to the grid, it animates onscreen and positions itself ready to be resized, rotated and flipped into place.

Colour your shapes to add definition to your designs. Use the template block designer to create something unique or to replicate a block you love.

Audition Fabrics

Select and change individual pieces at once, you can even save time and let Quiltography automatically select matching fabrics to change multiple fabrics at once.

Auditioning virtual fabrics in Quiltography saves you from cutting into expensive fabric to find out they just don’t work, not to mention the feeling of knowing that the fabric in your local shop will look perfect in your next quilt before you even get to the checkout.

Rather than adding thick black lines around block pieces, Quiltography blends your fabric with subtle shading to give depth to your blocks and definition between your pieces, this makes sure it is your fabric that takes centre stage.

Create Quilts

Quiltography is so easy to use, you can create and edit quilts in seconds. Search blocks you have previously created by the colour of the fabrics they contain or instantly create something new. Create an entire Quilt design with as few as 6 taps.

Don’t restrict yourself to plain borders, Quiltography allows you to add a border around your quilt comprised of blocks, this gives the flexibility of designing something classic and simple or something much more fun and exciting.

Adjust the sashing width, add cornerstones, flip and rotate blocks. The quilt design tool also allows you to link matching blocks, this saves you time and lets you change multiple blocks instantly.

Instant Photo Quilts

If you have ever wanted to turn photos into quilts, this feature is for you. Simply import a photo of your choosing, and, in the blink of an eye, Quiltography will turn your image into a unique pixellated quilt design.

If the masses of squares are a little too overwhelming, not a problem, the photoQuilt feature offers an exclusive PDF pattern exporting tool. At the tap of a button, your photoQuilt will be turned into an easy to follow pattern that can be shared with friends or family, you can even print it and follow the instructions to make that unique quilt.

Immortalise someone special or create amazing character quilts for kids using photoQuilt by Quiltography.

Thanks to all our Customers

The success of Quiltography would not have been possible without our supportive customers, have a look to see what some of them have to say, check out the App Store for more user reviews.

So far I love the app! It is user friendly and the support I get from the developer is amazing hands down! Chris listens to the quilter’s that are using the app. If you ask a question you normally get a response the same day, you don’t get that kind of support from other developers.


I absolutely love this app! It gives me a chance to see at how my fabrics will look together. I’ve been disappointed in the past when a quilt didn’t turn out pretty because of my fabric choices, but not anymore. Again, love it!!


If you’re looking for a place to store your fabric pics or downloaded bit maps then play with them in blocks and quilts, this is a very nice, intuitive app. I’d been looking for something I could use on my iPad …especially for “fast quilts”. This quick, simple, yet allows you to do things like rotate blocks and change layouts. Thanks so much for it!